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Our breeding history:


My wife and I have been involved in the breeding of dogs since the 1970s when in what was then Rhodesia we bred mainly Chihuahuas and a couple of Pomeranians and registered the Kennel name of “Onchan”.  At that time I was possibly more involved than my wife as I was really interested in showing.  We owned a best of breed Chihuahua as well as his son, who only needed 1/3 of a point to become a Champion when we sold him his daughter and granddaughter we bred well from all or dogs as we had many more than we breed with today.

When we came to South Africa we could not find anyone with Chihuahuas for sale so we decided to stick to Pomeranians.  Our first purchases were from Mrs Foxcroft of Addo, the top breeder in the area at the time, which included a champion dog for which I paid the pricely sum of R200 a lot of cash in 1980 possibly would cost in the region of R10 000,00 today.  Over the years we have built up a reasonable bloodline. Purchasing fresh breeding stock as required from some of the top breeders in the country, not for a few hundred but at several thousand rand each.    .

The Pomeranian is classed in the “Toy” group, this is misleading as it is first of all not a toy but a living animal and should be treated as such, that is why we breed registered healthy toy pom puppies,   secondly there are people who try to breed them too small often referring to them as “Tea cup poms” dogs of this size need special care and attention as they are very fragile susceptible to illness and broken bones. Most breeders of show dogs occasionally breed one but not by choice as a show dog should be between 1.8 and 2.5kg. bitches slightly heavier than dogs. Although breeding stock is often slightly more but not less. The under 1kg sought by buyers is a definite no-no for breeding with. See KUSA Standards. The origin of the dog is believed to have been Pomerania in Germany where it was considerably larger and used as sledge dog possibly a descendant of the large white Spitz dog or it is reputed to have come from a 30-pound (13.5-kg) sheepdog, the most common colour is a reddish brown however it can be obtained in many colours including black, brown both light and dark, cream which should have black not brown noses and the original but now scarce pure white as a lemon tint is often visible in white. There is even a blue variety which should be as pale a blue as possible. There are even "Sables" and "Parti" varieties It is known for its strutting demeanour and alert, curious nature; fox like face; A Pomeranian has two coats the outer is long, coarse, and abundantly fluffy, especially around neck, legs, and tail, the second or undercoat is soft and fluffy; almost an infinite variety of coat colours is possible; ears are very small, erect, and set high on head; tail is carried tightly curled over back; darkly shining eyes are large, round, and protruding. They make wonderful companions watch dogs and with proper care and feeding will live for many years.